Excursions to the mountains

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Route of river Ter

The route of Ter River, following the river is a trail that unites two opposite tourist attraction such as the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava, via a route that follows the course of the Ter river and runs through five counties of Catalonia.

The route can be done on foot or by bicycle. Throughout the hiking trip, we can observe a variety of landscapes, cultural activities, the history and traditions of each municipality along the route. At the same time you can savour the region´s cuisine and stay in different types of accommodation and lodging.

Picture: CEA Alt Ter

Natural Park of La Garrotxa Volcanic Area

The best example of volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. It has forty volcanic cones and more than 20 basaltic lava flows. The topography, soil and climate provide a varied vegetation, often exuberant, with holm oak and beech forests of exceptional scenic value.

Many of the most interesting places in the Park can be reached by following the network of paths and the Natural Park’s signposted itineraries. Regular activities for visitors are also organised and there is a whole range of tourist facilities offering accommodation, information and food and drink.

Guided visits and trips throughout the region are available all-year round. Learn about the volcanoes and lava flows, the forests and mountains, towns and buildings in the company of a local expert. (Descobreix la Garrotxa). The Natural Park also offers a guiding service with expert local guides who will teach you all about the region (Deixa’t portar).

La Fageda d’en Jorda Natural Park

La Fageda d’en Jorda is one of the 26 natural reserves that take part from la Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park. It is said that autum is the most beautiful season to visit this area. But the truth is that every season is worthwile, with different colors, sights and sounds.

Cooperativa la Fageda

As a different and very interesting activity for adults and children alike, you may want to visit the yoghurt farm La Fegada. Here you can explore the facilities and have a yoghurt tasting.