Via Romana del Capsacosta

els-rouresA perfect Family Hiking day throught the Via Romana del Capsacosta.

Once you leave the camping and turn to the right, just follow the path of this beautiful excursion.
The ‘ Via Romana’ (Roman Road) between Sant Pau de Seguries and Sant Salvador de Bianya is part of the old communication between network between el Ripolles and Garrotxa. With a length of of 8.55 km and a hight of 355 meters, it is worth the effort thanks to its manmade and natural beauty and the surrounding landscape..

The section between San Salvador and Hostalets, together with the junction of the old road of Capsacosta shortly before entering St. Paul Segúries, can be considered unique as this piece of art of engineering has been well preserved. It is comparable to the road that united the Via Augusta with the coast via Parpers and Mataro.

The first section of Capsacosta takes you from Hostalets de San Salvador to the top of the ridge. It is truly spectacular and makes you appreciate the complex design of the Roman Road network.

(Info from Itinerania web)