The Iron and Coal Route

The Iron and Coal Route, In reference to the important tradition of the Lower Forge Ripollès and coal mining in the mines Ogassa, follows the path that was once the train.

The 12 km road is the ideal way to enjoy a walk on foot or by bicycle and reminds us that today we have become heirs of an industrial past.
The train between Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Toralles used to operate until closing of the mines in 1967. The track between Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Ripoll remained active until its´centenary in 1980.

The route connects Ripoll, located at an altitude of 682 metres with Sant Joan de les Abadesses (775 m height). The entire road is asphalted and surrounded by lush vegetation; the vertical drop totals 160 meters and there is a gentle slope of 1%.